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Edge of the Breach

Rift Cycle (grimdark series) In a post-apocalyptic world where season of birth determines power, interrealm war beckons two lost and fated souls. Book order: Edge of the Breach, Echoes of Blood, Eye of the Brave, Elegy of the Void. Red Rising × Star Wars

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The Heartbeat of a Million Dreams

The Heartbeat of a Million Dreams (SFF novella) Mars has a shadow, a mirror world torn from chaos. When a girl comes along with the power to reunite Mars, worlds collide in cosmic war. This Is How You Lose the Time War × The Martian Chronicles

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I Will Kill You

I Will Kill You (psychological thriller novel) After losing his wife, Alex drowns in crime to support his motherless kids. A new job offers freedom, but freedom demands sacrifice. Crime doesn’t commit itself. American Psycho × The Wolf of Wall Street

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Rage Journal: A Void-Screaming Notebook

Rage Journal (Void-Screaming Notebook) This is your own personal abyss in which to offer high-decibel sacrifices. Pour fury into its pages, and earn its loyalty through explosions of wrath.

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Girl of Dust and Smoke

Girl of Dust and Smoke (dark fiction novella) In the heart of America’s Second Dust Bowl, Isobel Walsh weaves a web to survive. Carrie × Girl A × The Omen

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The Mortality Experiment

The Mortality Experiment (grimdark SFF novel) Secrets are sentient. In the far, foreign future, a deep-space mission turns catastrophic when the crew’s personal demons become literal demons and seek revenge. Hyperion × Silent Hill

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Burn the Sun

Burn the Sun (SFF novel) Five worlds compete in the Space Olympics to determine which should survive a supernova. The Hunger Games × Battlestar Galactica

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